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1. Need for IT Outsourcing

SAP system deployments require reliable, evolving systems. Outsourcing enables you to leverage your expertise to drive internal process efficiencies and reduce the operational costs of information resources.

Reliable operation and improvement of SAP systems

2. Outsourcing Service Point on ISTN

In order to support the technical aspects of SAP that are difficult for individual customers, ISTN provides outsourcing services to its customers in three ways:
Point 1
  • Support for troubleshooting with Senior consultants by module
    • Get immediate attention to any issues you may encounter with SAP.
    • Consultants can be consulted when events such as organizational changes and process improvements occur.
Point 2
  • Supports system performance optimization
    • System monitoring detects and prevents faults.
    • Improve system response speed through periodic tuning activities.
    • To optimize performance, check and adjust important parameters every month.
Point 3
  • Additional services such as system utilization diagnosis and user training
    • Get system utilization and data reliability diagnostics.
    • You can get training from ISTN to your customers at no extra charge.