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iPA dramatically performance in the standard CO - PA and support data validation and error-data processing at each settlement step.
So, it ensures the on-time processing of the various management accounting indicators.
  • Transfer SAP CO-PA & CO-OM data to additional our product tables in SAP, perform closing procedure on iPA, and then return the closing result to CO-PA.
    These procedures guarantee CO-PA closing performance.
  • Rapid CO-PA closing (Adapt performance tuning technology suitable for processing huge data to every closing phase.)
  • Improve efficiency of database (Closing interim data exist only in iPA tables, able to be deleted periodically.)
  • Speed up Standard CO-PA performance
Target Customers
/ Biz Process
  • Client using SAP ERP
  • Run time of CO-PA is over several hours
  • Huge transaction data occurs or PA structure is so complex

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