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  • A solution to proactively prevent unauthorized users from accessing and destroying resources by establishing access to SAP systems
  • A solution that records all history of system access, identification and access needs and provides follow-up tracking Establish a management framework for SAP system change (Change Transport System) to provide protection against inadvertent change
  • A solution that analyzes the SAP license audit and provides a change to the customer's situation or pre-audit of the license unit
  • SAP Logon Control (IP, MAC Control) and Multi-Logon Control Functions
  • Role change history management
  • Logon History Management
  • Data Download History Management
  • Monitor Transaction Data Generation History by User
  • Monitor system change history (CTS management)
  • Analyze license type and provide Audit Report
Target Customers
  • Customers looking to build access control systems for SAP systems
  • Customers looking to conduct a pre-check on the SAP License Audit
  • Customers who want to check and extract statistics for creating SAP Transaction data
  • Customers looking to implement management system for SAP CTS changes
  • Yura, Incheon Port Authority, Nexen Tire, SK Biotech, SK Hynix, Lotte Information Communication, Korea Resources Corporation, National Health Insurance Corporation