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AutoOne Introduction

Based on its extensive ERP project implementation and practical experience in the automotive industry, it is the automotive industry-specialized ERP solution that consists of standard and specialized processes by adding essential functions to the automotive industry.Based on SAP Best Practices, the AutoOne solution provides a flow chart and business procedures for the major processes required by the domestic and international automotive industries, and provides suggestions for managing the baseline to ensure project completion. The AutoOne solution is a quality-assured solution certified by SAP headquarters.
  • Minimize business process visibility
    • Leverage the automotive parts industry work experience consultant and project experience
  • Provide a proven To-Be Process
    • Proposing proven Processes and providing a Test System for automotive parts companies
  • Reduce Prototyping time
    • Deliver prepared AutoOne solutions and systems
  • Reduced Master Data Maintenance Time
    • Master Data Preparation and Maintenance through the Key Reference Information Template
  • Effective education
    • Training programs appropriate to the automotive parts industry
  • Reduce User Manual Creation Period
    • Provide User Manual Template

AutoOne Solution Map

Sales & Distribution
Standard Info Management
Sales Plan Management
Sales Order Management
Shipping Management
Closing Management
Performance Management
Materials Management
Standard Info Management
Sales Management
Stock Management
Closing Management
Production Planning
Standard Info Management
Production Plan Management
Production Performance Management
Financial Accounting
Sales Receivable
Purchase Debt
Capital Asset
Tax Management
Closing Management
Standard Info Management
Management Plan
Investment/Cost Management
Cost Management
Profitability Analysis

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